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While I started cooking professionally at 18 years of self-taught, my education began much earlier , since age 10, was around and playing in the kitchen of the catering company of my parents that was where I really learned almost everything and di my first steps in the profession , it was another time and actually went around great cooks of the old guard of which I saw a lot, in 1988 an acquaintance offered me go to work the Valle de Las Lenas which was 2 seasons , also I got to work some more in Bariloche where I have great memories and nice friends , then return to Bs AS and continued cooking a few years in the Golden Stag , the company of my family, in 1992 I had the opportunity to visit Europe and make a great gastronomic tour many Michelin starred restaurants that definitely marked my career and my style forever, from there I kept inserting my work in Buenos Aires and began to travel the world learning from your kitchen and customs , as in my last trip to Asia where I could find a totally different culture and engaging , really amazing , walking the streets and markets of China , Thailand , Vietnam , Laos and Cambodia.

About 10 years ago and Geraldine hand , my wife started to create Crizia , this beautiful restaurant where every day we carry out our work. She from the room where he handles customer service , art , atmosphere , music and flowers and I from the kitchen and the wines and as passionate travelers , we keep bringing each outing memories , smells and experiences that will turn to the restaurant to continue building our dream .

Also a few years ago I have the chance to belong to A.C.E.L.G.A , a group of talented young chefs , where I can meet much admired colleagues , share experiences and work directly with local producers that give our kitchen the magic of high quality inputs without which we could not create the dishes we offer.

The hope

Gabriel Oggero



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